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Kenshi Multiplayer Mod || INSTALL KENSHI MODS

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Kenshi Multiplayer Mod:-

Kenshi is a veritable sandbox in every sense of the word. A vast, open universe governed by complex physics that push, pull, and grind against one another.

For example, a bold explorer might set out into the unknown wasteland, only to come upon a wandering gang of cutthroats and be enslaved by them.

Another brave player might infiltrate a heavily guarded encampment, get caught, and be enslaved by the camp’s masters. Maybe you’ve chosen to take a leisurely stroll. Enslaved.

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Directly via the game:

  • This site has the mod you’re looking for, so go ahead and download it.
  • Unzip the mods folder  \Kenshi\Mods\
  • If directories are missing, try reinstalling the game or manually creating them.
  • In-game, enable the mods you want.
  • Have fun with the game.

Via Steam

  • Go to the Kenshi Workshop page and search for the appropriate mod.
  • Click the Subscribe button on mod’s page (you should be logged in).
  • Wait for the files to download (make sure your Steam app is running and has access to Internet).
  • Mods can now be enabled in-game.

How do you play Kenshi mods offline?

There is a workaround i use when in offline mode and i want to play with mods:

GoTo Steam 

  • Directory\steamapps\workshop\content.
  • Copy all those numbered folders into a new folder somewhere.
  • Look into these folders and see the .mod file.
  • Rename the numbered folders to the exact name of the .mod file within.

The Best Kenshi Mods That Improve The Game

Trade Routes Intensified

This is a small mod that enhances the trade aspect of the game. The mod modifies pricing to suit the economy of that faction. The Holy Nation, for example, will sell Grog for a low price and have a desire for rice-based foods, whereas Swampers will have rice-based foods for a low price but will pay a premium for Grog.

This creates a demand that the player can take advantage of in order to increase their trading winnings. It also encourages players to go to different locations in order to sell the items they loot from bandits or discover in ruins, as different nations have varying pricing for each item.


Tamed Beastie

This mod works well with the one stated above because it allows you to catch and domesticate numerous beasts for your own needs. These monsters can either aid you in battle or provide an effective means of transporting a huge amount of items from one location to another.

You can place unconscious monsters in cages, talk to and feed them to build their trust, and then take them from the cage and they will follow your commands.

Adventurer’s Guild

This mod is popular among fans because it may be used to play as an evil ruler or to overcome the game’s recruitment issues at the end. While players can already purchase slaves to work for their nation in the game, this mod allows them to capture enemy warriors and command them to act on their behalf.

The mod also includes a function called Counter Attack, which allows you to have your slaves initiate riots, rebellions, and other difficulties for your empire. This mod makes a dark aspect of the apocalypse a little more realistic and grim.

Enhanced Shopping

Managing an empire requires a lot of resources, and Enhanced Shopping is a terrific method to get them. It modifies the mechanics of NPCs visiting your shops, providing them with extra money and shopping lists that are appropriate for their class. It also has the pleasant effect of aligning their spending limitations with their vocations.

There are several options that can make this a useful mod for producing money or a game breaker that will have you seeking for modifications to produce gold structures because you don’t know what to do with it all.

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