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How To Stop Flash Messages In Vodafone

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A Flash SMS is one that appears on the receiving phone’s screen without the user taking any action, rather than being saved in the SIM or memory. When the message is dismissed, it normally disappears and returns to the main screen.

If you want to get the recipient’s attention right away, a flash SMS is more effective than a regular SMS. By selecting the option to store the flash SMS, the recipient can save it to his or her inbox.

How To Stop Flash Message In Vodafone On Android

  • First open the mobile phone and in that open application games file etc click on sim toolkit or vodafone service 
  • If you’re using 2 sims on your mobile, then two options will be visible and if it is one sim, then one option will be visible. You have to click on the sim card on which flash sms needs to be off.
  • If you get different options such as flash, music, cricket, fun zone, astrology, stocks, messenger, devotional or infotainment.you have click on ” Flash ” .
  • If you have four or more options like activation, service info, my topics, alert. Here you have to click on the “Activation” button.
  • If three options are visible like activate, deactivate or launch flash. aap click on deactivate option.
  • If Flash SMS appears on which FLASH! OFF displays, below that cancel or ok option will appear, then you have to click on ok.

Now Flash sms pop up service will stop within 30mins. If you have a keypad mobile in that also you will be able to stop Flash messages.

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Users can find instructions on how to disable flash messages here.

The steps for Idea, Airtel, and BSNL are the same. The name of the services is the only thing you need to deactivate.

  • To begin, open your phone and navigate to the app drawer.
  • Then launch the SIM Toolkit app.
  • Go to the flash SMS service and select it.
  • Select deactivate after tapping on activation.
  • Finally, click OK to confirm.


So that’s how you can get rid of SIM toolkit popups or flash messages Vodafone number. Please let me know whether the steps outlined above worked for you. You can also contact your operator’s customer service or reach out to them on Twitter to disable flash message popups.

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