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Best Character in Free Fire

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Wukong a character belongs to the class of characters with incredible skills, which play an important role in the game. This character has many talents, which makes him more powerful. Most of his abilities depend on his passive ability that increases attack speed. Other abilities of Wukong include Counter-Strike, Stunning Shot, Cheap Shot, Fierce Attacks, and some others which can make him a deadly nuisance to the enemy. There is no doubt that Wukong is one of the best characters in Free Fire, especially when it comes to the PvP zone.

Best Character in Free Fire

Wukong s ultimate ability which makes him the best character in Free Fire is Camouflage. The passive Ability of the character is Camouflage, at the basic level, this character will be able to change into a tree for more safety and CD duration is also 300 seconds.

The other talents that improve the efficiency of the character in PvP include Double Strike, Fierce Attack, and others which can make him a deadly nuisance to the enemy. In the case of leveling up, players may find it difficult to survive in the enemy team due to the damage done by the characters. This is when the support units become important in the PvP game.

Which is the best Character in Free Fire

best character in free fireThe ten best character in Free Fire ranked according to their importance in the game. They are Camouflaged, Double Strike, Stunning Shot, Cheap Shot, Fierce Attack, Hitting range increase, and others. Every class in the game has its own contribution to winning the game. Here is a list of the top ten best character in Free Fire rankings.

best Character in free fire 2021

Camouflaged: Camouflaged is the best character in Free Fire if you want to be an effective support class. For ranged players, they have the ability which increases attack power and the movement speed, which helps them to stay away from the enemy and shoot safely. For the Support position, they have the ability which increases the hp and mp of the players and helps them to regenerate.

Double Strike: This ability is useful for both offense and defense and is the most important ability in Free Fire. If you play as a Rogue, then Double Strike can help you in gaining the upper hand. When you use it, you attack twice instead of just once. It is better than Stunning Shot in the sense that Stunning Shot only stuns for a certain amount of time. In the case of offensive plays, Double Strike can help you kill the monster and makes you reach the next level faster.

Cheap Shot: This is a cheap shot that deals minimum damage on enemies but it has the capability to hit many characters at once. As a Rogue, you can use a Cheap Shot at anytime without any difficulty. Many players regard Rogue as the best character in FFA because their abilities allow them to deal more damage without much expenditure. With the combination of these three abilities, Rogue becomes one of the best characters in FFA.

If you are looking to play Fireballer as a character in Free-Fire, it is advised that you should use characters that can handle the crowd easily. If you play well with the crowd, Fireballer is the best character for you. Rogues and Soldiers are recommended for handling the crowd perfectly. Once you are able to master the crowd-control skills of Fireballer, you can turn it into your main class. Fireballer has many weapons that you can use to kill the monsters. When you are using weapons, make sure that you select the best weapons available for your character so that your player can deal more damage to the opponents.

It is also very important to consider that when you are using Cheap Shot, you should use it properly otherwise; it will not be of any use. Cheap shot increases the chance of hitting the enemy more than the other characters, but the damage that it deals does not increase with every hit. Using Cheap Shot and other abilities that increase the damage of your characters is very effective and it helps you to win the game quickly.

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